Thursday 13 August 2020

BAD POLLING? Washington DC’s Democrat Mayor Paving Over ‘Defund The Police’ Street Mural (VIDEO)

The city of Washington, DC had a large painted street mural that said ‘defund the police’ but now it’s being paved over.
What happened? 
Did the Democrats who control the city finally figure out that most Americans support the police?
FOX News reports: 
‘Defund the Police’ message in DC mural being repaved
In June, Black Lives Matter activists painted, “Defund the police” on a street near the White House — a day after the mayor of the nation’s capital unveiled a “Black Lives Matter” mural that spanned the same two-block stretch of road. 
Workers with the city’s Department of Public Works, which helped arrange the original work, refreshed the paint the next day. Still, they left the message, now reading “Black Lives Matter = Defund the Police.”
But on Tuesday, the added statement, seen by some as anti-police, was removed.
Experts warn against eliminating police forces altogether, but noted that not all advocates seem to be pushing for a total tear-down. Some simply want major reforms, and others want more emphasis on community programs.
Check out the video below:
It probably is about polling, isn’t it?
According to the Post Millennial, this was ordered by DC’s Democrat mayor:
Yesterday night, construction crews arrived under orders from Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington DC, in order to pave over the portion of the mural painted at the recently inaugurated Black Lives Matter Plaza that said “defund the police.”

All the Democrats care about is winning.

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