Thursday 13 August 2020

“Trumpster, Just Leave! Just Leave!” Smith’s Grocery Store Employees Threaten, Curse at Customer for Improper Mask Use in Store (VIDEO)

This was insane.
Three employees at Smith’s Grocery Store in Cedar Valley, Utah threatened and cursed at a customer who wore a mask as a super hero in their store.
The threats and abuse went on for seven minutes!
The episode was caught on video.
The store employees cursed at him and called him a “Trumpster” as their threats increased.

When the man walked away he called the employees sheep and made a sheep sound, “Baaaah.”
FOX13 reported:
“What is the problem here?” a woman, believed to be a Smith’s employee, can be heard saying as she walks up to a group.
“I’m wearing a mask,” a customer replies.
“You’re not wearing your mask properly,” the woman responds.
“It doesn’t say properly,” said the customer.
The quick back-and-forth marked the beginning of a 7-minute video captured inside a Smith’s Food and Drug store in Cedar City, Utah.
“We’re doing our job, what our corporation wants us to do,” the woman continues.
Then, things escalated, sparking a confrontation between three Smith’s employees and the customer, who chose to wear his mask in ‘superhero’ fashion – cutting eyeholes out of a disposable mask and then securing it around his forehead.
“You’re doing it just to be a jerk, we all know this, and so do you so cooperate,” the female employee continues.
“Why don’t you get a [expletive] job and get out!” a second male employee shouts.
As the video continues, the employees seemingly take turns throwing out politically charged insults.
“Trumpster, just leave… just leave!” the second employee continues.

Read the rest here.

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