Monday 8 February 2021

Conservatives and Trump supporters who get censored are being accused of spreading “disinformation” for speaking up about the abuse

  Trump supporters, conservatives, and independent media, are all unilaterally being censored, blocked, banned, and demonetized online. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the authoritarian democrats, the technocrat elites, and their globalist allies is being removed from social media, shamed for their political views, and told to never speak about censorship and social media bias. Big Tech has rapidly removed conservative voices from the public discourse, removing their expertise, research, pages, opinions, video platforms, businesses and monetization strategies.

This segregation, bullying and abuse is just the beginning. Now, blacklisted conservatives are being threatened for speaking up about the censorship and Big Tech’s blatant anti-conservative bias. A research team from New York University, funded by a prominent Joe Biden donor, claim that censored conservatives are spreading “disinformation” when they accuse Big Tech firms of anti-conservative bias.

Authoritarian Democrats do not want conservatives talking about the censorship they face online

Even after Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of Big Tech banned the 45th President of the United States from their platforms, it’s suddenly deemed a conspiracy theory that Big Tech ever committed the act to begin with. Big Tech is now accusing conservatives of spreading “disinformation” for calling out the fact that Big Tech censors them unfairly, segregates them and restricts their voice without due process.

“The claim of anti-conservative animus on the part of social media companies is itself a form of disinformation: a falsehood with no reliable evidence to support it,” the report concludes.

The manipulative study was funded by Craig Newmark, a six-digit donor to the Biden presidential campaign. The study defends Big Tech’s ban on President Donald Trump and the suppression of news stories that tell of the Biden family’s corruption and criminal activity. The paid-off researchers claim that Facebook and Twitter made a “reasonable decision” to block the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s emails that were released before election day, during the pre-extended election period of 2020. The manipulative study is being used to push for a Digital Regulatory Agency that shames all dissenting, conservative voices and convinces Trump supporters that they are spreading disinformation online.

Authoritarian Democrats are running scared, trying to gaslight America after censoring conservatives

Conservatives are being bullied by authoritarian democrats who control 90 percent of the information flow online. These authoritarian democrats not only cover for their favorite political allies, but they also use censorship to cover up their crimes. Now the authoritarian democrats are threatening the people they censored for daring to speak out about being censored. Instead of showing contrition for their blatant acts of censorship and bias, Democrats are telling their political opposition that they deserved to be shut up and shut out from public discourse, that the acts of political violence (censorship) used against conservatives are for their own good.

This obscene behavior can be compared to the crimes of Catholic Priests who molest young children in secrecy. When the children try to speak out, they are punished for daring to question authority. The religious elite and their supporting cast of disciples protect one another, threatening their victims when they try to come forward. This same abuse was also witnessed during the electoral process of 2020. Even as hundreds of testimonials flooded the state legislators attesting under oath that there was election fraud, Big Tech insisted there was no evidence of election fraud. The courts, upholding the fraudulent narrative that Democrats won the presidency, ultimately accused the whistleblowers of being the ones who are “undermining democracy” and sowing distrust in America’s election process.

Big Tech is running scared now because Conservatives and other censored voices are beginning to unite and see their common enemy in broad daylight. Florida is one of the first states to give conservatives the power to sue Big Tech when they censor conservative’s political speech and impede their ability to participate in democracy. Right now, the authoritarian Democrats and the Big Tech elite look desperate and weak as they do everything in their power to manipulate their victims into thinking the censorship never actually happened to them, that they are going crazy, that the abuse is somehow justified.

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