Saturday 6 February 2021

Disinformation Campaign Claims Hunter Biden Engaged in Foot Related Sexual Act with a Young Family Member – Not True – It Was Just Another Hooker


Posts are being repurposed on various forums and SM platforms to make the false claims that a video showing Hunter Biden engaged in a foot related sexual act was with a young Biden family relative.

Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer reported today that there is a disinformation campaign in the works using some of the content from his  posts.  This information is being repurposed on various forums, including SM platforms, to make the false claims that a video is showing Hunter engaging in a foot related sexual act was with a young Biden family relative.

Applebaum notes:

There are a number of image composites that claim to to identify a young Biden family member engaged in sexual activity with Hunter. All of them, are false. They are either deepfakes, forgeries, or misidentifications.

The publishers of this content (some of which is high grade and was produced professionally) are likely part of coalition of media outlets that are likely trying kill the Hunter laptop story. These sources regularly create and circulate Hunter related disinformation, knowing that once it starts gaining traction, it would be debunked by their allied fact checkers. The underling objective of all this is to destroy the credibility of the real damaging evidence on Hunter’s hard drive.

As I’ve noted, the individual seen in the video footage is not a Biden family member. The encounter seen in the video, was commercial in nature and followed Hunter’s pattern of frequently purchasing drugs and sex services.

There is no need to make up stories about Hunter Biden, Apelbaum states.  Hunter has a history of “deceit, dishonesty, and outright lying”.  For example, Hunter was involved in an incident in 2015 where he was reportedly one of the many account holders whose identity was included in a release of ‘Ashley Madison’ account holders.  This firm was basically a place to hook up with other adults.

Hunter denied it was him and when reached out to for comment Hunter replied, “I do strongly feel that there should be some line in the statement that basically says “fu$$you” I’m a private citizen and you are scumbags.”

Apelbaum was able to determine that:

Sampling of incidents of Hunter’s use of Ashley Madison in 2014 that predate the infamous leaked June 2014 $280 transaction. These other activities had confirmed payments that came from his phone and his Amex card.

Hunter lied about his activities on Ashley Madison.  We also know that he was accused of walking around naked watching porn masturbating and doing drugs in front of a minor:

We know Hunter was accused of many horrible things.  But there is no solid evidence Hunter Biden engaged in a foot sex act with a younger family member.


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