Thursday 25 February 2021

Minneapolis Sets Up Barbed Wire Fence as George Floyd Murder Trial Approaches – Officials Hope Leftists Won’t Ransack and Pillage the City Again

 Minneapolis is spending millions to protect the city from leftist rioters during the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin who is accused of killing George Floyd last year during a police arrest.

The death of George Floyd resulted in mass riots and damages into the billions.  Hundreds of Minneapolis businesses and homes were destroyed by the leftist rioters.

The top photo is from two days ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The second photo below is of security around the Minneapolis Courthouse for the George Floyd trial.

Minneapolis is reportedly spending around $36 million for security during the trial. The photo below is a view from across the street.  Today they have barbed wire between the fences.

So who do they think is going to attack?

Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since laast May. In Minneapolis alone Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Over 700 police officers were injured in the BLM riots — and that was the number back in June 2020!

Black Lives Matter was linked to conservatively 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history.

Minneapolis is hoping there won’t be a repeat this year.

** The murder trial of Officer Derek Chauvin is set to begin on March 8.

Following his death the local medical examiner believed Floyd had a “fatal lethal” level of fentanyl in his body at the time of his death.

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