Wednesday 26 May 2021

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Leaves Dr. Oz Stuttering When She Repeatedly Says She Will Not Be Getting the Covid Vaccine (VIDEO)


Talk show host Wendy Williams confidently asserted she will not be getting the Covid vaccine.
This interview is a couple of months old but is making the rounds today.

“I’m not getting the vaccine,” Wendy Williams told Dr. Oz. “I don’t trust it.”

Dr. Oz didn’t know how to process this information at first so he tried to guilt Wendy Williams into rethinking her decision because of her celebrity status.

“What you say and believe is so important to a lot of people because millions and millions of Americans are going to say ‘Wendy Williams didn’t get a vaccine so I don’t want to get a vaccine,'” Dr. Oz said asking her if there is anything that would make her comfortable getting the vaccine.

“I’m not getting the vaccine,” Wendy Williams said after Dr. Oz implied she might die if the doesn’t get the jab.


Big Media and Big Tech are censoring, shadowbanning and blocking information about the experimental Covid vaccine.

Dr. Ryan Cole, owner and operator of Cole Diagnostics, has been very outspoken against the Covid lockdowns/quarantine and has warned about the mRNA vaccine.

The Idaho doctor said he is not anti-vaccine but he warned against the experimental Covid jabs.

“We’ve seen more deaths from this shot than all vaccines in the last 20 years combined — and that’s just in the first 4 to 5 months,” he said a couple weeks ago during an appearance on Rose Unplugged 1320 WJAS.

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