Monday 7 June 2021

Venice Beach: A Crime-Riddled, Drug-Infested Tent City Sh*t Hole Under Democrat Leadership (VIDEO)


Venice Beach, California has turned into a homeless encampment thanks to Democrat policies.

Venice Beach started going down hill a few years ago but the Covid pandemic really accelerated the homeless problem.

The Los Angeles seaside city was once a world-famous tourist hot spot known for its boardwalk and outdoor gym “Muscle Beach.”

Now it’s a crime-riddled, drug-infested homeless encampment.

According to LAPD stats, crime went up 31% from 2019 to 2020 in Venice.

Here’s the scene from the Venice Boardwalk earlier this week:

Venice Boardwalk in 2021 (language warning):

“Every day there are fires, guns, knives, crime. There’s a lot of crime here,” said Jack Rivers, who was living in a tent on the Venice Boardwalk when the I-Team interviewed him last October.

“Venice residents tell the I-Team they’ve been emailing and calling their city councilman — Mike Bonin — about clearing the tents off their streets and finding housing for the homeless, as the city did in Echo Park. But residents say they’ve received no response from Bonin,” reported NBC4.

“I’ve sent multiple emails a week to the City Councilman, the LAPD and never once have we heard back from the City Council, Venice resident Ashley told NBC4.

YouTube vlogger “German in Venice” captured additional footage of the tent city.


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