Monday 7 June 2021

Why Don’t You Ever Hear Pelosi, Schumer or Obama Brag About Biden’s Reported 81 Million Votes in the 2020 Election?


It’s Weird.  Evil Democrats always throw garbage at weak-kneed Republicans.  The fact that Joe Biden reportedly won 81 million votes in the 2020 election, shattering the all-time record, and the Democrats never brag about it, is really odd.

The final results of the 2020 Election ended with Joe Biden reportedly gaining 81 million votes.  This was an all-time record.  Prior to this, the record was Obama in 2008 who reportedly won that election with 69 million votes.  President Trump held the record for Republicans with roughly 63 million votes in 2016 and he shattered this record and Obama’s 2008 record with 75 million votes in 2020.

President Trump won more votes than any sitting President by around 10 million votes.  He shattered his 2016 record vote total.  But according to the final results Joe Biden won over 81 million votes.  But you never hear any Democrat bring this up.  Weird?  

Maybe the Democrats don’t brag about Biden’s 81 million votes because no one showed up at his inauguration.  Biden’s crowd had to be the smallest in history.

Maybe the Democrats don’t brag about it because no one is showing up to his events at

Maybe it’s because no one is showing up for his in-person events.

Maybe it’s because they’re afraid Biden won’t make it up the next set of stairs he faces.

Maybe it’s because Biden and Harris couldn’t fill a parking lot in Phoenix

What this really shows is that everybody, Republicans and Democrats, know that Joe Biden didn’t come close to 81 million votes in 2020. 

Now it’s time to see what the real vote counts from the 2020 election are.

God protect those hard working Americans who are working diligently to find the truth behind the 2020 election.

 a few weeks before the 2020 election but he somehow became the first Democrat since Harry Truman to win Maricopa County.

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