Friday 28 April 2023

Comedian Dave Smith Tells Joe Rogan: ‘RFK Will Rip That Old Man Biden Up’ In Debates

 Comedian Dave Smith sat down with Joe Rogan recently and had a lot to say about the DNC not allowing any debates between Biden and other Democratic presidential candidates.

The topic got brought up when Rogan told Smith, “They will not allow debates for the (Democratic) primaries.”

Smith responded by saying, “They don’t want RFK on the stage with Biden. RFK will rip that old man up.”

Smith followed his comment’s up by saying Kennedy is “outside the system” and recognizes how evil the system truly is.




Rogan and Smith also discussed Tucker Carlson’s recent departure from Fox News.

Smith stated Carlson was very good in exposing the true narrative of Covid-19 and the military industrial complex.

The two proceeded to pivot their conversation and talked about how Trump exposed the deep state.


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