Friday 28 April 2023

Mayor of East Palestine, Ohio Endorses Trump for President in 2024

 Trent Conaway, the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio has endorsed Trump for president in 2024.

This is hardly a surprise. Trump visited East Palestine, following the train derailment disaster there and brought some much needed good cheer to the community.

Joe Biden still hasn’t visited at all.

Townhall reports:

East Palestine Mayor Endorses Trump: ‘Joe Was Too Busy To Visit’

East Palestine, Ohio mayor makes his case for why former President Trump is the true leader of the U.S. while taking shots at President Joe Biden and his shady son.

Mayor Trent Conaway endorsed Trump for 2024 while speaking at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner alongside Eric Trump, Jr. He was recognized for stepping up to the plate as his small town was affected by a toxic train derailment, leaving residents having to flee their homes.

While Biden, who has never visited the town, sat back and did nothing, Trump took the time and brought much-needed supplies, such as pallets of bottled water, to residents as hazardous material flooded East Palestine.

“I would first like to thank Joe Biden and Hunter Biden – oh, that’s right, they were busy,” Conaway began before praising the Trump family for helping the Ohio residents.

“We’d been asking for help, and we had the EPA there and other agencies, but we truly got help after you… without you, this could have been a worse situation,” the mayor continued. “You and your father really changed the way people saw us in town.”

Following the deadly incident, Conaway slammed Biden for making a surprise stop in Ukraine instead of East Palestine, despite vowing to visit several times.

Joe Biden basically abandoned the people of this town.

Trump showed up when it counted. He earned this endorsement.

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