Wednesday 19 April 2023

Gas Prices on the Rise Again But This Time the Strategic Oil Reserves Are Empty


Gas prices are again on the rise under the Biden gang but this time they can’t use strategic oil reserves replenished by President Trump to keep the prices down. 

Gas prices are again on the rise.

The average cost for a gallon of regular gas is up 21 cents from just one month ago, North American analysts are reporting…

Drivers in the Northeast can expect a sharp increase in gas prices over the next couple of weeks as operators transition to summer-fuel blends, De Haan said.

“Every other region has already seen the final step in the transition occur, so while other areas will see prices continue to slowly rise, the Northeast is likely to see a pretty hefty jump of 15-40cents per gallon soon,” he said.

“Oil prices remain a wildcard, but we’re likely a few weeks away from seeing the national average peak. Whether it hits $4 per gallon or not is still perhaps a 50/50 chance.” shows that prices are going up.

The Biden gang is doing all it can to destroy the economy.  It’s anti-American oil policies have cost Americans heavily while enriching foreign nations around the world. 

President Trump sees what’s going on.

Gasoline has just hit a 5 month high. Now that Biden has emptied the Strategic Oil Reserves, which should never have been done, here we go again…And so unnecessary. I had oil and gas at long term Record Lows – And NO INFLATION! 

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