Wednesday 19 April 2023

Previously Expelled Rep. Justin Jones Attempts to Bring Child Size Casket Inside Tennessee House Chamber (VIDEO)

 Representative Justin Jones, who was previously expelled from the Tennessee House of Representatives, attempted to bring a child size casket inside of Tennessee’s house chamber.

The theatric stunt occurred on Monday afternoon, when Jones walked in the State Capitol with a child size casket. Once the Sergeant of Arms took notice, he denied Jones from entering inside of the chamber with the casket.

Jones tasteless protest occurred on the same day hundreds of protestors stood on the Capitol’s step to protest for tighter gun legislation.


Jones wasn’t the only person to bring a casket to the Capitol, several local minsters also brought caskets to the Capitol’s steps.


Jones was previously expelled from the Tennessee House of Representatives for leading an unruly protest inside of the state Capitol days after six Christians were killed by a transgender at the Covenant school in Nashville.

He later was reinstated by the Nashville Metropolitan Council in the interim.

Before Jones was causing chaos inside of the Capitol, he was advocating for violence at BLM rallies.

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