Monday 15 May 2023

Ireland passes controversial hate speech law: Those caught “misgendering” someone will face five years in prison

 If you live in Ireland and refuse to play make-believe with a transgender and its mental delusions about being something other than its natural biological sex, you could be thrown in the slammer for up to five years.

Dubbed an “anti-hate speech” bill, legislation that is moving through the Irish parliament right now received 110 votes in favor and just 14 against, despite widespread public opposition to the Orwellian nightmare it threatens to unleash on the normal parts of society that still exist.

Passed through the Dáil, Ireland’s lower parliamentary chamber, the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022, as it is officially called, received endorsements all across the political spectrum, including the Labour and Green parties.

The premise of the bill deals with the new LGBT golden calf of alternative pronouns, which fragile transgenders demand be used at all times or else they might have a meltdown or possibly commit suicide.

The legislation aims to “amend the law relating to the prohibition of incitement to violence or hatred against a person, or a group of persons, on account of certain characteristics of the person, or the group.” These characteristics include race, color, nationality, religion, national or ethnic origin, descent, gender, sex characteristics, sexual orientation, and disability.


Child-grooming LGBTs are committing sexual violence with their indoctrination and mutilation agenda – will they go to prison, too?

There are several key portions of the bill where definitions and clauses suggest that merely “misgendering” someone is a punishable offense. Gender, for instance, is defined as such:

“The gender which a person expresses as the person’s preferred gender, or with which the person identifies, and includes transgender, and a gender other than those of male and female.”

Section 7 of the bill specifically makes it a criminal offense for someone to communicate anything in a public place that could be construed as “inciting violence or hatred” against someone with gender dysphoria.

“One need not intend to incite violence or hatred, but must simply have been ‘reckless as to whether such violence of hatred is incited,'” REMIX clarifies about how Bill 2022 was specifically designed to squelch free speech that triggers mentally deranged transgenders and other LGBTs.

Piecing the various sections of Bill 2022 together reveals a sinister plot aimed at stopping people from speaking out against child grooming, the transgender mutilation of children, the destruction of women’s sports, and other forms of sexual violence and assault by LGBTs against normal society.

Section 10 of the bill further makes it illegal to “possess material that is likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or a group of persons.” So even just having literature, articles, or podcasts in one’s possession that in any way question the LGBT assault on humanity will be prohibited.

The only potential silver lining is that Bill 2022’s provisions could also hypothetically be used in reverse to go after LGBTs who are “inciting violence or hatred” against children, straight people, and other targets of their vitriolic agenda.

A kindergarten teacher who stages a “pride” celebration, or who brings in a twerking drag queen to perform for underage kids to encourage them to “transition,” could potentially be charged with sexually assaulting innocents in a pedophilic way.

The chances of that actually happening are slim since Bill 2022 is an Orwellian proposal geared specifically towards catering to the LGBT crowd at the rest of society’s expense. But perhaps a lawyer or two could toy around with it and argue in reverse against LGBT sexual and medical violence against children.

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