Monday 15 May 2023

WIKIPEDIA SHILL BANNED: Administrative privileges have been removed for co-founder Jimmy Wales due to credibility issues

 Most natural health advocates know better than to ever use Wikipedia for any kind of research regarding health. The pharma-run “Wicked-pedia” is known to censor, distort, and outright fabricate lies about natural remedies and natural healers to please Big Pharma and support their narratives. Ironically, Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of the online “encyclopedia,” has been suspended himself from editing, after accusing others of what he does on a regular basis himself – improper editing and sourcing (paid editing scams). He has been forced to surrender his administrative privileges after this controversy and a review of his conduct.

Wikipedia began in 1996 as a pornography portal, so it’s no wonder it has no class now. In 2000, it became “Nupedia” and began providing “definitions” of commonly researched terms and subjects. Today, any layman can edit Wikipedia, but only Leftists and pharma shills are hired for this job. When it comes to healing or preventing any kind of illness, disorder, or disease, Wikipedia is the WORST place to go for information, especially due to their common paid editing practice that so often features conflicts of interest.

As of late, Jimmy Wales publicly attacked another editor, saying he should no longer have editing privileges, based on an alleged report about WikiExperts exchanging money with someone at the WhatsApp online messaging service for editing services. After other editors claimed Wales’ accusations were unfounded and inappropriate, they filed a request to have the co-founder’s conduct reviewed.

Dissension in the ranks of the pharma shills at Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales can no longer sanction editors, delete content, or restrict page access on Wikipedia, due to his accusations and temperament about the shilling situation. However, he does still retain the right to review and act on appeals of decisions made by the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee, if they don’t concern his own doings. He may lose that right soon also, though, according to sources. The pharma shills are infighting, and it only goes downhill from here. Wikipedia is so unreliable already that school teachers at all levels and their students know better than to use it as a source for any research papers.

Wikipedia’s biggest problem is the editors who have a conflict of interest

People who invest money in Big Pharma or are paid by Big Pharma conglomerates often edit and delete content that helps people find information about healing from sicknesses or preventing disease and disorder. Politics play a big role in this editing also, as the Far Left is in complete control of Wikipedia. Plus, both WikiTribune and Wikia are plagued by issues of left-wing bias, as well. Wikipedia has gone completely “woke” and is propagating the cancel culture movement as well.

Never use Wikipedia for any information related to health and natural remedies, because the pharma shills have surely censored or twisted it for their own profiteering purposes. The fake encyclopedia offers great detail about common factoids that do not relate to health or politics, but that’s part of the trick to fool researchers who might also then believe that the information about health, safety, and national security interests are forthright, when they most certainly are not. Wales is just one of countless shills who gets paid to inappropriately edit Wikipedia content to benefit his pharma cohorts and himself. 

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