Friday 5 May 2023

‘Mission Impastable’: Woman Discovers 500 Lbs Of Cooked Pasta Dumped In NJ Woods

 New Jersey woman reported that she made an unlikely discovery in the woods when she came across more than 500 pounds of cooked pasta dumped among the trees.

Nina Jochnowitz, who ran for city council in the past, was walking through a creek near Veterans Park in Old Bridge, New Jersey, when she found the heaping mounds of cooked spaghetti and macaroni. She shared photos of the noodles on Facebook and thanked the public works department for cleaning up the mess.

The photos were then reposted in a subreddit about New Jersey, which led to a lot of commenters coming up with pasta puns.

“We should send the perpetrators to the state penne tentiary,” one Reddit user said.

“Italian grandmas: why would someone dump four servings of pasta in the woods like that?” another person said.

“I swear it wasn’t me….,” a Facebook user named Al Dente commented on the original Facebook post.

While many were treating the incident as a joke, Jochnowitz criticized the mayor in her original post and accused him of ignoring the situation. CBS News noted that Jochnowitz ran on a platform of cleaning up the waterways and environment in her town. She also intended to improve waste and recycling services, which would include bulk pickup for trash, ostensibly including trash bags filled with pasta.

“You might say, ‘Who cares about pasta?’ But pasta has a PH level that will impact the water stream,” Jochnowitz told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “That water stream is important to clean up because it feeds into the town’s water supply…It was one of the fastest cleanups I’ve ever seen here.”


Jochnowitz referred to the incident as, “Mission Impastable.”

“The township heard or read the comments and responded by doing a rapid cleanup the river basin and pasta dump,” she wrote on social media. “As my friend called it a ‘Mission Impastable’!!! They also cleaned out all the garbage tossed in the basin. Thank you Kasey and the entire crew of Public Works!”

“No surprise when we see the dumping of construction and other garbage spewed in all of the neighborhoods,” the New Jersey resident continued.

“This week, there was a new type of dumping, of excessive food, PASTA. A good Estimate is more than 500 pounds of pasta dumped adjacent to the streams intersecting with Hilliard and Mimi. While it has been reported to our township administrator (myself) and I reckon that someone forwarded my post on this to the no-can-do Mayor knows…and his CaL girls, they will ignore this food garbage.”

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