Friday 5 May 2023

Reddit Post From NINE YEARS AGO Appears to Warn the Public About Jordan Neely as a Dangerous ‘Maniac’


Jordan Neely is the homeless man who recently died on the New York City subway system while being restrained by other passengers.

The media and far-left Democrats have been working overtime to portray Neely as an innocent victim of murder. New York DA Alvin Bragg has already called the death a homicide.

But Jordan Neely has a long history of arrests and a habit of disturbing the peace, often in the subway.

The journalist Andy Ngo, dug up a post on the internet forum Reddit, from nine years ago, which appears to be from a person who knew of Neely and warned people to avoid him.

The post reads in part:

Used to be all cool, dancing to MJ in the subway train, but as of late he’s become a maniac.

Sometime in late Spring/early Summer I saw him in the train, his radio fucked up and he was angry as fuck, cursing and badmouthing commuters screaming “What the fuck are you looking at? Don’t fucking look at me!


Ever since that day he’s just been a scary dude to me.

See the tweet below:

Here’s a full image of the text:

Newsweek reported on this man’s troubled past:

Jordan Neely’s Criminal Record: Man Killed on Subway Had 42 Prior Arrests

A New York City police spokesperson told Newsweek that Neely’s record has 42 prior arrests, dating between 2013 and 2021. They include four for alleged assault, while others involved accusations of transit fraud and criminal trespass. At the time of his death, Neely had one active warrant for an alleged assault in connection with a 2021 incident.

Many of Neely’s arrests were for alleged violations of local law, the spokesperson said, and involved lower-level offenses such as having an open container of alcohol in public.

This man’s death is tragic but it’s important to see the whole picture.

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