Wednesday 17 May 2023

MIT Scientists Create Device That Can Hack Dreams

 This is creepy.

Scientists from MIT and Harvard have created a device that can reportedly “hack” into your dreams.

IB Times reports a new device, created by scientists at Harvard and MIT called the Dormio, is capable of “targeted dream incubation.”

The device is comprised of a glove connected to an app measuring the physiological response of someone who is sleeping.

While the device is measuring physiological responses, an app connected to the device will give the person who is sleeping dream topics.


So, essentially the device has the capability of controlling the direction of someone’s dreams.

The IB Times breaks it down:

In their study, Harvard and MIT researchers tried to determine whether the same transient sleep state could also work with more creative tasks such as storytelling.

The researchers created a device called Dormio that could be used for targeted dream incubation. It includes a glove connected to a smartphone or laptop app that measures three physiological markers of sleep — changes in muscle tone, heart rate and skin conductance. As the participant enters hypnagogic sleep, the app prompts them with a specific dream topic.

In recent years major corporations around the globe have been funding research to infiltrate your dreams with advertisements.

Futurism reported both Coors and Burger King were “actively attempting to engineer the dreams of potential customers.”

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