Thursday 18 May 2023

Top 6 WORST ADDICTIONS and how Mother Nature may have solutions the medical establishment can put to good use

 Drug addiction is no laughing matter, and when most people hear those words, they think about cocaine, crack, heroin, or crystal meth, but those hard drugs are not the only drugs that are so hard to quit. Many drugs of abuse, such as cocaine, opioids, and nicotine, cause the reward pathways in the brain to become flooded by dopamine, with a surge as much as ten times that of natural rewards. Over time, if the person tries to abruptly remove that stimulus, the body is unable to replicate that amount of dopamine naturally, triggering neurobiological changes associated with addiction and withdrawal.

All humans experience bursts of dopamine from natural, stimulating activities, but drugs can cause over stimulation where the withdrawal leads to anxiety, difficulty sleeping, mania, stress, and a lesser ability to focus and learn. Addiction is now considered a brain disease, whether it’s from prescription pain pills, gambling, pornography, alcohol, nicotine, or even sugar. Overcoming any one or multiple ones of these is not as simple as applying willpower over impulses, urges and cravings.

Dr. Deborah Mash, an addiction expert from explains the IBOGAINE molecule for addiction treatment

Dr. Deborah Carmen Mash is a professor of neurology and of molecular and cellular pharmacology at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, and director of the Brain Endowment Bank at the University of Miami. She is also a pioneering researcher of ibogaine and one of the world’s foremost experts on the substance. She is also the founder and CEO of DemeRx, a pharmaceutical company developing ibogaine and noribogaine for treating addiction. The treatment can literally erase the cravings for hard drugs and the desire to “get high,” according to Dr. Mash.

In the Brighteon interview with Mike Adams, Dr. Mash talks in-depth about how Mother Nature provides the antidotes for nearly all health problems, you just need to know which ones apply, where they come from, and how to find quality extracts, tinctures, herbs, or other forms of supplements and approved medications.

As Dr. Mash explains, many people are more vulnerable to addiction, so they get trapped in a cycle of feeling “normal,” where their anxiety or depression subsides, but the question is… how do they get off the addiction? Most pharmaceutical medications today simply continue the addiction at a lesser degree or potency, but the body never truly heals, because they are still dependent on a drug, whether prescribed or “scored” on the street.

At the early stages of recovery from an addiction, consumers are at a heightened risk of relapse, so medical professionals are now seeking alternative medications and treatments that will BREAK the cycle of addiction, wean the person off the drug, and “transform the life” of the person so that they can “enter into a phase of sobriety.”

A remedy is a substance of medical value derived directly from plants and other natural sources

A remedy is something that corrects or counteracts something, making a right from a wrong, or making up for a loss. A remedy is intended to cure you when you are ill. An herbal remedy is a “medication” (Big Pharma hates when natural health advocates use their word) prepared from plants, and this includes most of traditional remedies for disease. What if there are natural remedies for ending addiction cravings, and doing so without withdrawals or that dreaded “crash?” Guess what? There are some, and they’ve been around for centuries, but most Americans just don’t know what to look for and where to look.

Many people are figuring out they can replace bad habits, like consuming too much sugar, nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine, by putting to work for them a new supplement beverage called Krave Kicker, that contains mucuna pruriens extract, a potent natural superfood, and vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin. The propriety blend is the ultimate boost for dopamine levels while helping to balance the central nervous system. It’s good to know there’s a natural remedy for everything under the sun, you just have to know what to look for and where.

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