Wednesday 7 June 2023

Did Sony Make Gwen Stacy Trans In New ‘Spider-Man’ Film?

 Some fans of the new animated Sony film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” are convinced that the fictional character Gwen Stacy is transgender.

In the sequel to Sony’s highly successful “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (2018), viewers observed that the color palette used in several of Stacy’s scenes “appear imbued with the pastel blue, pink and white” colors of the transgender Pride flag, The Pink News reported. There is also a “Protect Trans Kids” sign on the wall of Stacy’s bedroom.

A third example comes from a scene where Stacy reveals her secret identity as Spider-Woman to her father, who is a police officer reportedly wearing a “trans Pride flag badge” pinned to his uniform. The Pink News reported that many viewers interpreted the scene as a metaphor for coming out. The colors of the transgender Pride flag are also incorporated into the animation.

“Gwen Stacy is trans,” one fan wrote. “Her whole arc is a trans allegory. The colors are the trans flag. But most telling. HER WHITE COP DAD WEARS THE TRANS COLORS ON HIS UNIFORM. NO F***ING COP IS THAT MUCH OF AN ALLY UNLESS THEY HAVE A TRANS FAMILY MEMBER!”

Another added, “All the ‘you haven’t read the comics’ people are funny because neither have they. Miles isn’t the same Miles from the comics, why would Gwen be? Infinite multiverse of possibilities and we can’t have a trans Gwen? Silly.”


“Trans (and even cis) fans have every right to say Gwen Stacy is trans, even if the movies never outright confirm it,” another social media user wrote. “You can’t deny that it’s been hinted at. The fact is— if she can make somebody feel represented, who are you to tell them they’re wrong?”


Others, however, slammed the idea and said wearing colors of the “trans community” doesn’t make you transgender.

“So if you wear colors of the quote unquote trans community you’re automatically trans or a ally to the trans community even though these colors were here before that make that make sense…and no Spider-Gwen is not Trans,” one person tweeted.

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