Monday 24 July 2023

NBC Writer Goes Full ‘Republicans Pounce’ On Hunter Biden’s Deadbeat Fatherhood

 A senior reporter for NBC News went full “Republicans pounce” in an effort to defend President Joe Biden’s treatment of his seventh grandchild.

In 2020, Hunter Biden agreed to make payments to former flame Lunden Roberts to support their now-four-year-old daughter Navy Joan. He then reopened the case in 2022, securing a reduction in child support payments and an agreement that Navy Joan would not use the Biden surname.

President Biden has made repeated references to his “six grandchildren,” entirely ignoring Navy’s existence. 

The situation has drawn criticism not just from Republicans, but also from The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, who accused the president of “scarring” Navy by not acknowledging her when he speaks of his grandkids.

NBC News was quick to jump to the defense of the Bidens, publishing an article by senior national political reporter Natasha Korecki headlined “Republicans up the personal attacks on Biden and his family.”  

“President Joe Biden’s family story has long been one of his greatest strengths politically. Republicans are starting to think they can turn it into a liability,” the article reads. “Hunter Biden, who has described his relationship with [Lunden] Roberts as a fling while he was battling addiction, recently settled a much-publicized paternity case with Roberts in an Arkansas court.”

Korecki then decided “the attacks on the Biden over their family” and said Republicans are “focused on this young girl and her role in the Biden family,” which she described as a “deeply personal for the president.”

The reporter also argued that Republicans had “offered a muted response to GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s many legal troubles.”

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