Monday 24 July 2023

Threads — The Would-Be ‘Twitter Killer’ — May Already Be Gasping For Air

 When Meta introduced its new social media site “Threads” to compete with Twitter, supporters dubbed it the “Twitter Killer.” Now, Threads is on life support as usage of the new platform is plummeting.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported Thread’s daily user engagement is around 13 million members. That’s down nearly 70% from its July 7 peak. Furthermore, iOS and Android app users are spending on average just four minutes per day on Threads. For comparison, the report said Twitter’s daily users hover around 200 million, with the average time spent on the app around 30 minutes per day, per web analytics firm SimilarWeb.

Liberals had high hopes for Threads because, unlike Twitter under “Chief Twit” Elon Musk, the Left felt confident that Facebook’s new sister platform would censor certain information — chiefly any story or fact inconvenient to the Democrat-Media Complex. If that business model wasn’t enough to indicate that Threads was doomed to be a failure, then perhaps the kiss of death from CNBC’s Jim Cramer should have indicated that it was going to fail.

“Meta’s new Threads has been endorsed by CNBC’s Jim Cramer,” tweeted Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, sharing a video of Cramer extolling the new social media platform. “And just like that it’s all over. ‘I say game, set, match [Meta CEO Mark] Zuckerberg….Facebook, Instagram is a really terrific product and Twitter is awful.'”


Ironically, Twitter’s death has been predicted — perhaps even hoped for by some — ever since Musk bought it. He earned the scorn of Legacy Media and the Left because he dared to defend free speech. There is no indication that Twitter is going to die anytime soon.

Threads on the other hand, well, might be hanging on by a thread.

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