Wednesday 24 April 2024

“Demonization of Ukraine Began with Tucker Carlson” – ‘Glitch’ McConnell Blasts President Trump and Tucker Carlson for Delaying Funding to Lost War in Ukraine


Minority ‘Leader’ Mitch McConnell attacks Tucker Carlson over Ukraine funding

This is the Republican Senate LEADER – TRASHING Republican President and 2024 presidential nominee Donald Trump!

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced in February that he was stepping down from the US Senate – but not until after the 2024 election.

In the meantime, just like his pal, former Trump-hating Speaker Paul Ryan, McConnell will do as much damage as possible against President Trump and his supporters until the November election.  On Tuesday, 'Glitch' McConnell blasted Tucker Carlson and President Trump for the delay in funding the Ukrainian War.


McConnell does not care about the invasion at the US southern border. He does not care about the fentanyl epidemic in America. He does not care about the crime surge in American cities. He does not care about the record inflation under Joe Biden.

Mitch McConnell and his Democrat colleagues only care about funding Ukraine. What is it about this country that funneling billions of US taxpayer dollars remains such an attractive venture?

Could it be related to the fact that only $47 billion of the $113 billion in Ukraine funding actually went to lethal aid? They’re not sure about the rest.

On Tuesday Mitch McConnell - Sounding like the Democrat Party leader - trashed Tucker Carlson and Trump supporters for failing to support the lost Ukrainian War.

Why is this guy leading the Senate Republicans? And why would we support such people?

Chad Pergram: You've been probably one of the most ardent backers of Ukraine in the Senate here. But what took so long to get some of these other eight Republicans persuaded to your position? Or was it the overall nature of this bill and what was lost in that time period for Ukraine?

Mitch McConnell: Well, that's a good question. You already know the answer. I think the demonization of Ukraine began by Tucker Carlson, who, in my opinion, ended up where he It should have been all along, which is interviewing Vladimir Putin. And so he had an enormous audience, which convinced a lot of rank and file Republicans that maybe this was a mistake. I think the former President had mixed views on it. We all felt that border was a complete disaster, myself included. Chad, you remember covering the phases we went through. First, there was an effort to make law, which requires you to deal with Democrats. And then a number of our members thought it wasn't good enough. And then our nominee for President didn't seem to want us to do anything at all. That took months to work our way through it. So we ended up doing the supplemental that was originally proposed, which dealt with not all problems. It didn't solve the border problem, but certainly addressed the growing threats at the moment.

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