Wednesday 24 April 2024

George Santos Ends His Independent Congressional Campaign


Former Republican Representative George Santos announced on Tuesday that he is withdrawing his independent Congressional bid.

Santos announced he was bowing out of the race for New York’s 1st congressional district, representing eastern Long Island, because he did not want to “split the ticket and be responsible for handing the house to Dems.”

“I have decided to withdraw from my independent run for #NY1…” Santos wrote in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “I don’t want my run to be portrayed as reprisal against Nick Lalota… Although Nick and I don’t have the same voting record and I remain critical of his abysmal record, I don’t want to split the ticket and be responsible for handing the house to Dems…”

Santos continued, “It is clear that with the rise of antisemitism in our country we cannot afford to hand the house to Dems as they have a very large issue with antisemitism in their ranks…”


The former congressman said he believes “staying in this race all but guarantees a victory” for the Democrat candidate.

“I have meet with leaders and with constituents and I have made the decision to hang it up here and stop perusing this race, THIS YEAR!” Santos added. “The future holds countless possibilities and I am ready willing and able to step up to the plate and go fight for my country at anytime.”

Santos continued his post, “I will continue to participate in the public policy discussion and will do my part… I will always strive to stand on the right side of history.”

“It’s only goodbye for now, I’ll be back,” the post concluded.

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