Saturday 15 June 2024

Biden’s $320 Million Gaza Pier Removed From Area Again After Costly Repairs

 President Joe Biden’s pier off the shore of Gaza experienced another blow this week and has to once again been relocated due to weather conditions.

The pier, which estimates have said costs up to $320 million, was forced offline late last month after it fell apart amid stormy sea conditions and sections of it washed up on the shoreline.

“Today, due to expected high seas, the temporary pier will be removed from its anchored position in Gaza and towed back to Ashdod, Israel,” said U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in a statement. “The safety of our service members is a top priority and temporarily relocating the pier will prevent structural damage caused by the heightened sea state.”

“The decision to temporarily relocate the pier is not made lightly but is necessary to ensure the temporary pier can continue to deliver aid in the future,” the statement continued. “After the period of expected high seas, the pier will be rapidly re-anchored to the coast of Gaza and resume delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. Since May 17, over 3,500 metric tons (7.7 million pounds) have been delivered through the maritime corridor for onward delivery by humanitarian organizations.”

Breitbart News correspondent Kristina Wong posted a video on X that showed how ineffective it was to operate Biden’s pier in the area given the sea conditions.

A significant portion of the aid that the U.S. has delivered to Gaza has been stolen while it’s being delivered from the pier to United Nations warehouse facilities.


The U.N. paused its work with the pier after Israel launched a daring rescue operation last weekend that resulted in four hostages being saved from Hamas.

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