Saturday 15 June 2024

Rubio Introduces Bill To Expose Chinese Government Corruption

 Florida GOP senator Marco Rubio introduced a bill in the U.S. Senate to expose the corruption of the Chinese Communist government and its leadership.

The bill, titled the “Confronting CCP Malign Influence Act of 2024,” would require the Director of National Intelligence to “prepare and make available a report on the wealth and corrupt activities of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and for other purposes.”

“Our nation’s greatest adversary is Communist China and the American people must realize the complex reality a new world order, led by Beijing, would pose. Whether it be through economic, social, or military coercion, we are seeing an increased effort from China to displace our nation as the world’s leading power,” Rubio stated.

The bill would require no later than 90 days after its enactment that the Director of National Intelligence prepare an unclassified report “on the wealth and corrupt activities of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, including the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and senior leadership officials in the Central Committee, the Politburo, the Politburo Standing Committee, and any other regional Party Secretaries.”

That report would be made available to the public.

Within 180 days of the bill’s enactment, the Director of National Intelligence or their designee would appear before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives and the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate to present testimony in an open hearing regarding the findings.

U.S. Representative Andy Ogles (R-TN) introduced companion legislation in the House.

In May, Rubio co-sponsored a bill titled the “China Exchange Rate Transparency Act” to protect American companies and workers from China’s currency manipulation. That bill would require the U.S. Representative for the International Money Fund (IMF) to “use the voice and vote of the U.S. to require IMF to more closely scrutinize currency manipulation by China,” as well as “incorporate consideration of China’s currency manipulation when determining the value of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and in determining vote shares at the IMF.”

“We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party to flood the world with artificially cheap goods. That’s why I’m introducing this crucial bill, which would hold the CCP accountable for its currency manipulation at the IMF. It’s our duty to prioritize American workers,” Rubio stated.

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