Thursday 4 July 2024

Liberal Outlet Leaves Out Leftist Group’s Ties To Dark Money As It Attacks Supreme Court

 An article on a leftist group’s multimillion dollar push to target the Supreme Court from Politico neglected to mention the group’s ties to dark money groups, characterizing it as a progressive “court reform” group. 

The article from reporter Heidi Przybyla discussed Demand Justice’s move to spend $10 million to conduct “opposition research on potential Supreme Court picks” and “work to mobilize key constituencies affected by the court’s decisions.” The financial campaign amid a series of conservative wins at the court in recent weeks — including key decisions clawing back the administrative state and ruling in favor of presidential immunity for official actions. 

In her article on the spending blitz, Przyblya did not mention how Demand Justice has a history of being backed by dark money groups. Demand Justice was first established as a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a leftist dark money network administered by Left-wing group Arabella Advisors. Due the their structure, the groups funders are able to remain anonymous. 

The group broke off from Sixteen Thirty Fund and registered as a nonprofit corporation in May 2021. Przyblya, who previously went viral for suggesting it was an extremist belief to say rights come from God, left out these ties in her write up on the article. 

Conservative radio host Erik Erickson ripped into Przyblya over the article, saying that she was she is “clearly a leftwing hack doing the work of the left to undermine American institutions” and writing a “press release” for Demand Justice. 

Przyblya’s article also took aim at the Federalist Society, accusing board co-chair Leonard Leo of leading a “deep-pocketed network of ultraconservative judicial activists.” The Federalist Society is a network of lawyers, law students, and legal scholars who want to promote the principles of limited government.

Leo told The Daily Wire that the spending campaign was the latest move to try to target the Supreme Court. 

“Arabella’s dark money network has announced it will be spending another $10M to bully the Supreme Court it hates and try to distract from a dying Biden campaign,” he said. “More evidence that the conservative legal movement is winning and that we’ve delivered tremendous value to our country.”

Conservative government accountability group Americans for Public Trust said that the money would be used to smear the court. 

“The liberal dark money machine is working overtime as @WeDemandJustice spends $10 million to attack and smear the Supreme Court,” the group posted on X. “REMINDER: Demand Justice, now an independent group, was originally incubated by the @ArabellaAdvisornetwork, and is still  heavily funded by Sixteen Thirty Fund and George Soros.”


Demand Justice’s campaign against the court comes as many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have lashed out against the Supreme Court, accusing of it being filled with extremists.

“This decision today has continued the court’s attack in recent years on a wide range of long established legal principles in our nation,” Biden saidon Monday after the Supreme Court sided with Trump on his immunity claims. “From gutting voting rights and civil rights to away a woman’s right to choose to today’s decision that undermines the rule of law of this nation.”

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